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Alaska Wilderness Flyfishing
Fresh water stream and river fly fishing for salmon,  trout and char

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ericmiddle4.jpg (97529 bytes)Remote wilderness flyfishing on the Italio River - Yakutat,  Alaska

Italio River Adventures offers spectacular fly-in wilderness flyfishing for all five species of salmon,  plus trout,  char and steelhead.  Get away from people and experience Alaska the way it should be seen - Wild...  Unspoiled...  Breathtaking...  All to yourself!

akwe_scouts.jpg (88280 bytes)Five rivers enter the ocean near our wilderness camp,  giving you an endless variety of water to choose from.  Tight overhanging cut banks,  wide-open beaches,  huge glacial torrent,  or tiny meandering tributary...  Italio River Adventures has it all.  Experience Alaska's most popular game fish - the beautiful Silver salmon.  Chrome bright and full of fight as it leaves the saltwater,  wade out into the tumbling surf,  watch the surface take with bass poppers and pollywogs,  or dead drift a leach through a school of hundreds...

For a real wilderness experience,  hike into the extremely remote Italio Lake for a float trip beyond your imagination.  Aggressive Sockeye and King salmon defend their redds in the upper reaches,  while cutthroat,  rainbow and Dolly Varden char wait for your passing egg pattern.  Tens of thousands of Pink and Chum salmon fill the middle stretches,  while the beginning of the Silver run noses its way into the inter-tidal zone.

If you want to see the absolute best Alaska has to offer,  give Italio River Adventures a call,  or send an e-mail.

See the main Italio River Adventures HomePage for more details,  photo galleries and other Alaskan vacation packages.

In Yakutat:  907-784-3697
Toll free message:  1-866-737-1123

Italio River Adventures is authorized to operate in the Tongass National Forest.